Sein Chyi Woo

Singapore, Singapore

Visual Analytics

Tableau Software

I'm currently the associate sales consultant based in Shanghai. I have been with Tableau for about two and a half years. As an expert in Tableau, I play a crucial role in enabling customers to quickly see and understand data using Tableau. Prior joining Tableau, I was a Tableau user as an analytics consultancy for about three years. I have been working with well-known companies and established multinational corporations across various industries and countries in Asia Pacific on how to integrate and adopt Tableau successfully into their organizations. My expertise is in customer insight analytics for retail and banking, and hold a degree in mathematics from Nanyang Technological University.

The diversity of the challenges from customers I work with everyday excites me. I love solving problem, especially when it comes to using Tableau to solve data challenges. Having the opportunities to work with customers from different background, it is such a pleasure to be able to empower them to use Tableau to get insights quickly and easily, in a way that they could have never done before.


My passion lies in the area of social issues that are affecting children. I care about what the children are facing around the world nowadays as they are vital in deciding how the future is going to be. I've volunteered in India multiple times and seen for myself how poverty has deeply affected children. I hope that with my passion on non-profit work and my expertise on data analysis, I can contribute perhaps just the slightest to a better environment for the children to live in.

My passion with Tableau started in 2010 when I was an data analyst. I have been dealing with data since then, using Tableau to help clients gain further understanding on their data and improve market strategies. I am also a drummer, a globetrotter, an adventurer and of course, a data enthusiast. Close friends also know of my passion for non-profit work.