Michael Shan

Seattle, Washington, United States

Visual Analytics, Calculations, Getting Started, COVID-19 Response

Analytics Consultant, Tableau Software

Hi there! I'm Michael, and I've worked at Tableau for the past 5 years in a variety of customer facing roles. I started in Technical Support, moved to Customer Training and most recently joined the consulting team as an Analytics Consultant.

Through all my positions, the most rewarding feeling is witnessing that first look someone gets when they see their data visualized in a way that they hadn't seen before. Often times though, there's a lot of work that needs to be done to get there - complex calculations, data manipulation, tough design decisions, and more - and I can help get you there! I would love to help you with any new or existing projects, whether you are just looking to get started or if you need help troubleshooting something complicated.


From my time working with thousands of customers, my expertise has definitely centered around Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder. Here are some areas that I feel extremely comfortable, should you be looking for something specific:

- Application of visual best practices (e.g. chart type decisions, use of preattentive attributes, dashboard layout and construction)
- Calculations (table calculations, level of detail expressions, logical statements)
- Parameters (including parameter actions)
- Connecting to disparate data sources (joins, unions, data blending)
- Dashboarding (adding interactivity, device specific design, look and feel facelifts)
- Geographic Mapping
- Reshaping and automation in Tableau Prep Builder
- Troubleshooting issues