Jenell Green

Portland, Maine, United States


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As a data engineer at CashStar, I have many roles including a Tableau Developer, Tableau Server Admin, ETL Developer, and report creator. My prior full time roles tend to fluctuate between being a full time data prep ETL dev and concentrating solely on Tableau visualizations. I always want to be learning something new, so I tend to do a variety of projects. I have an undergrad degree in Math and Computer Science and a Master's in Data Analytics.
You can find some of the work I've done here:!/


Solving puzzles is what intrigues me the most. I love diving into complex calculations and trying to solve for the uncommon visual problems. If I am told it's not doable in Tableau, I try to find a Tableau work around - nothing is impossible!
My passion lies with the outdoors and animals. I would love to work on subject matters that can relate, but I am always up for new challenges that are not related as well!