Adam Yeung

Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

Visual Analytics, Dashboarding and Stories, Mapping


As a Strategy and Business Development Manager at BD, I bridge the gap between technical analysis and strategic insights. I do this by answering questions about why we should care, what does it mean, and what can we do about it.
I'm drawn to the democratization of data and making it accessible to the people and causes that need it the most. From collecting raw data, processing it, and providing a meaningful output, I'm experienced in the full lifecycle of data and analysis.
I would love to work with you on big challenges with Tableau.


My focus is on sustainably improving health outcomes while also reducing health costs. I have experience in business model innovation with a background in data science and analytics. I play the dual role of strategist/operator, crafting a vision and strategy as well as resolving operational gaps in execution.

My volunteering work experience:

NGO Consultant — 2008 - present, Madagascar and Peru
Advised the Ministry of Health and NGOs on business and technology development.

BD Global Health — 2011 - 2016, Ethiopia
Tracked HIV testing for 1 million patients at 18 labs, improving capacity and productivity.

Search and Rescue — 2010 - 2012, Northeast USA
Dedicated to saving lives through mountain rescue operations and safety education.!/