David Freifeld

Seattle, Washington, United States

Getting Started, Dashboarding

Tableau Software

Hello! My name is David Freifeld, a humanities major turned data nerd, and part of the Tableau team in Washington DC. I have data viz coffee table books at my apartment, have given several public presentations all around the history of data visualization, and have become a data viz evangelist from top to bottom.

It's my goal to help organizations and institutions leverage their own data to enable positive change in the world around them.


After splitting my undergraduate career between University of Pittsburgh and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, living in Madrid for a year, and working at IBM as a data analyst, I found Tableau. I'm currently an account manager helping large enterprises with their big data strategy -- becoming more focused, data-driven institutions.

I've worked with hundreds of analysts, data scientists, executives, and other professionals to learn Tableau and apply data visualization as a solution to the significant problems they face. I believe there is a gap between the amount of usable, untapped data in the world today and the tools available to analyze and understand that data. I consider it a personal goal of mine to help reduce that gap for all data workers.

Outside of the data world, my passions are a mix of storytelling, public speaking, comedy, photography, podcasts, live music, travel, the environment, coffee, and hosting people at my home.