Alexander Ross

London, Croydon, United Kingdom

Connecting to Data, Data, Web Development, Tableau Server

Solution Consulting Manager, Tableau

I love using Tableau to help people see and understand their data. A side hobby of mine is using Tableau's APIs to build various solutions with Tableau, check out

I have signed up to Tableau Service Corps to share my experience and help any not-for-profit organisations.


Alex is a UK Sales Consulting Manager, helping customers and prospects be successful with Tableau and understand the impact that can have on the way they run their business. Alex has over 15 years’ experience in the data-related software industry working with organisations across a variety of sectors including not-for-profit, higher education, finance, and government. Prior to joining Tableau Alex specialised in data quality, financial risk and compliance, and CRM using a range of database and reporting technologies. Alex’s blog helps people to understand how they can integrate data from a variety of sources with Tableau Software.