Mrinal Daryani

Singapore, Singapore

Getting Started, Dashboarding and Stories

Tableau Software

As a product consultant based in Singapore, I help clients validate Tableau as a technical and business fit for their analytics strategy. I spend most of my day working with clients to understand their needs, develop a solution, and empower them to develop a data-driven culture. Prior to joining Tableau, I completed strategic consulting projects for nonprofits as both an analyst and a team lead.

In my role, I enjoy the ability to to develop a solution in partnership with my clients. Oftentimes, these solutions either drastically reduce time and resources or they enable organizations to draw up a host of new insights. The excitement that Tableau users get when they start playing with their data is the very reason I joined this role.


In addition to working with data in Tableau, I hope to also draw from my experiences while consulting for nonprofits. I've helped clients on both strategic planning and impact assessment projects in the past, and am up for any challenge.

I'd like to work with nonprofits supporting any cause. In the past, I've volunteered for children with special needs, underprivileged children, and the elderly with medical needs. If possible, I'd really like to work with an organization supporting an environmental cause.

I'm looking forward to working with you and making a difference!